With over 41 years of practice, the firm is dedicated to quality of representation and case outcomes that afford justice to the client.  

IRS Agreements to Avoid Salary Levies and Home Seizures

In the 41-year legal career of the firm principal, Ed Downs has practiced in the state and federal courts of Georgia and the District of Columbia, and in the Fifth, Eleventh, and District of Columbia federal circuits. He is also admitted to the United States Court of Claims and the U.S. Tax Court. In earlier years, he prosecuted criminal and civil cases within the purview of the Solicitor of the City of Atlanta. While the main business of the firm is now civil, business, and IRS oriented, the firm continues to assist clients in matters such as short sales, tax sales, and clearing cloud on title from individual homes to acreage.

Downs is an Associate Juvenile Court Judge of Clayton County, Georgia, having experience as a former Associate Magistrate Court Judge of Clayton County, Georgia. He continues in full-time practice in area courts in matters referenced on this site.  Play the video above for a personal message from the firm principal.

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